New York in 4 days: day 2

And here is what happened on my second day in New York…

Day 2

It was not a good start to the day: cursing my way through Central Park in the pouring rain, without my morning coffee yet, I had totally misjudged the short (in my head!) walk to the MET. Exhausted and drenched, I entered the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My first thought was ‘coffee!’ but after an hour of failed attempts to find that coffee place that was ‘just 2 rooms away, first on your left.. then right..straight ahead and then across the Roman exhibition room’ I gave up. My advice to anyone going there is to spend some time studying the many maps of the museum and to know where they are heading, I simply didn’t. There was anyway only one exhibition I wanted to see, so I forgot about my elusive coffee and headed to Punk: Chaos to Couture and like this my day suddenly brightened. A quick lunch back in East Village at the Duck’s Eatery and I was ready to hit Williamsburg’s hip Sunday flea market.Little did I know, and to my great disbelief, the market was closed due to the bad weather.

Lunch at Duck’s Eatery, East Village

‘Such bad luck’ I told myself, but came out wrong because only in a few minutes I found myself in the Artists & Fleas market trying on hand made jewellery and gazing at paintings by local artists. It was no surprise I headed out armed with a few bags and a lighter wallet. Fueled by the creative and inspirational energy of the many artists I’d met, I knew this was a place I would visit time and time again. There was no stopping me now, so despite the rubbish weather I headed to the riverside for a stroll. I could barely make Empire State Building in the thick fog blanket but never felt so happy discovering a new place.

American Apothecary
American Apothecary
Charming and inspiring Anastasia, creator of American Apothecary
Love Hue Studio
Giving purpose to recycled books, Love Hue Studio
Inside Artists & Fleas market
On the street, Williamsburg
Street art is everywhere, Williamsburg
On the street, Williamsburg
Street art, Williamsburg
Street art, Williamsburg
Manhattan skyline from East River


Дъжд и базар
Типичното английско време, което ме посрещна на втория ден, ме накара да потърся убежище в Metropolitan Museum of Art ( Там разгледах изложбата Punk: Chaos to Couture, която предварително си бях набелязала да посетя. Съветвам всички, които искат да посетят музея и нямат време за губене, да си набележат коя точно от многобройните изложби искат да видят, за да не се лутат излишно. След кратка почивка и много вкусен обяд в Duck’s Eatery ( се отправих към бруклинския квартал Williamsburg, за да разгледам традиционния неделен винтидж пазар (, който обаче беше затворен заради лошото време. За мой късмет друг базар – Artists & Fleas market (, посветен на изкуството и ръчно изработените предмети, беше само на една пресечка разстояние. Очарована от уникалните предмети и директния контакт с авторите им, загубих представа не само за времето, но и за стриктния бюджет, с които разполагах. Ръчно изработени пръстени, топ с оригинално послание на American Apothecary ( и подарък за сестра ми напълниха чантата ми. Заредена с артистична енергия, се отправих към река East River, откъдето се насладих на тайнствената мъгла, обвила Манхатън и моста „Уилямсбърг“.


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