Fighting spirit: London Collections Men

My London Collections Men SS15 feature is out, check it out here and if you don’t speak Bulgarian then read below text first.



Guys, one thing is certain for Spring Summer 2015: you are going to have to fight … or look like it, that is.



Make your alliances clear with Christopher Raeburn and Maharishi. Their desert gear and camouflage prints will set you apart nicely from the preppy (nonetheless quite charming and dashing) Hollywood sweethearts – sipping- cocktails- on- the- Riviera types, whose style is just that bit too sweet and clean-cut for your taste.



Get in shape and flex your style in Nasir Mazhar‘s bad boy street shorts and Astrid Andersen‘s power Sumo uniform. And when it’s time to unwind, chill in Hentsch Man‘s ‘La Cantina’ dress code: Cuban cigar, palm trees and beer strongly recommended.



Before we start you have to choose sides. Here are your options:

– the ‘Tiger Gang’ lead by sharply tailored, rock and roll infused Tiger of Sweden.
– Hentsch Man’
s Cuban machos who know a thing or two about looking sizzling hot with bandaged broken fists.
Alex Mullins Native American free-spirited band of outsiders: the clothes for them are a way of self-expression and preservance.
– and last but not least you have the slightly intimidating, power-permeating warriors from Astrid Andersen‘s school of dichotomy and ritual.

The choice is yours but bear this in mind: mid season cheating is not advisable nor negotiable.






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